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They Let Me Write a Book - high res

Hey Girl Powerettes!

Hilarious YouTuber Jamie Curry has just released a book called Jamie’s World: They Let Me Write a Book!. You can find out all about it the latest issue of Girl Power, on sale now. Jamie was also recently in town for this fun book and we asked her a bunch of random questions. Check out what she had to say…

What are your pet peeves?
When people go “shhh!”. I hate “shhh!” It’s so annoying, especially when you’re in a big group and someone goes “shhh!” and then everyone goes “shhh!”. It’s like you’re all making noise. Other pet peeves is when someone asks what your pet peeves are and then they do it just to annoy me. It’s like “I trusted you”.

You used to play a lot of sports, can you tell me all the sports that you played?
Badminton, squash, tennis, cricket, golf, football, touch – I think that’s it.

Do you play any of those for fun now?
Yeah, I play golf. I’m a New Zealand golf ambassador and I play tennis with my friend Brianna and that’s about it. Like I’ll go and have a hit of badminton and stuff, but it’s hard to find people my age that play it. And of course football is a team sport and I can’t commit to a team sport.

What are three things that make you laugh?
People falling over really makes me laugh. People getting frustrated – it just makes me laugh that they’re getting frustrated. It’s like why, you’re just making yourself more frustrated. Ha! Cats being idiots like you know when they just jump off a table and hit a wall. It’s like “shame, that’s what you get for being a cat.”

What is your spirit animal?
It used to be a slow loris cause it eats rice but apparently they’re not supposed to eat rice. So I haven’t decided. Maybe a monkey, the real cheeky ones because I like to think I’m cheeky.

Describe your perfect day.
Just hanging out with friends,  being cruisy. No phones. The perfect day would be no phones because I don’t get to spend much time with my friends so when I do I’m like “Pay attention to me, not your phone!”

What are three things that freak you out?
The dark – I just don’t like it. I don’t like closing my eyes. I don’t like crowds, crowds freak me out and I don’t like the water. I used to. Literally it’s only been the last year and a half to two years, I just can’t get in the water. It’s irrational. I hate irrational fears, it’s so annoying

Where would you love to travel to?
I’d really like to go to Italy. I don’t know why, it just looks pretty. And I really like spaghetti bolognaise.

What do you want for Christmas?
I don’t know. My mum hates Christmases and birthdays because she’s like “I don’t know what to get you.” ‘cos I don’t really want anything. I don’t really need anything. I want a chilly bin, you guys call them an esky. Just a basic one, that’s me, simple.

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WIN: The Zen Den Nail Polish Sets!

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Hey Girl Powerettes,

Christmas is just under a month away and we’ve been busy ticking off presents on our lists for family and friends, as well as secretly hoping that we will be gifted things on our own wish lists! Whether you’re looking for sweet little gifts or want something for yourself, we’ve been eyeing the colourful and affordable nail polish range by The Zen Den and in the holiday spirit, are giving some sets away to you guys.

Ten lucky winners will score a set of 11 Zen Den nail polishes. For your chance to win, fill in the form below.

This competition closes December 14.

Terms and conditions:
1. Competition is open to Australian residents only.
2. The competition starts at 9 am November 26, 2015 and ends 5pm on December 14, 2015 AEST.
3. This is a game of skill and entrants must answer the question: “If you could create your own nail polish shade, what colour would it be and what would you call it?” The most creative answers as judged by the editorial team will win.
4. Ten winners will each receive a Zen Den nail polish set containing 11 different nail polishes.
5. The total prize pool is valued at $275.
6. Entries will be judged at 9am on December 15, 2015 at nextmedia Level 6, 207 Pacific Hwy, St Leonards NSW 2065.
7. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
8. The winner will receive their prize by post
9. All email addresses collected in the entry form will be added to the Girl Power Newsletter database. You may unsubscribe from this free service at any time.

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Watch This Face: Jordyn Jessica Yarker

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Jordyn on the set of Bella and the Bulldogs with star Brec Bassinger.

Jordyn on the set of Bella and the Bulldogs with star Brec Bassinger.

Hey Girl Powerettes!

We’re all about being on the lookout for rising stars, especially when they’re young Aussies! Meet 14-year-old Jordyn Jessica Yarker – this Gold Coast teen has scored a role on Nickelodeon’s Bella and the Bulldogs and her first episode aired in the US last week. Jordyn plays new girl Asha, who SPOILER ALERT becomes Newt’s girlfriend!

This young star is also a musician and is currently recording an album. You can expect to hear some new tracks from her real soon!

Jordyn’s Bella and the Bulldogs episode will air in Australia next year, so keep your eyes out to grab the goss from Jordyn in an upcoming issue of Girl Power. This girl is going places!


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Brick-tastic Heroes

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Wonder Woman

Hey Girl Powerettes,

Prepare to be amazed – the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney has just opened the worldwide premiere of The Art of the Brick: DC Comics! This exhibition features incredible large-scale LEGO sculptures of your favourite DC Comics superheroes and supervillains including Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, and The Joker, along with vehicles and environments from DC Comics.

Thousands of LEGO bricks were used in this exhibition! These impressive works of brick art were created by renowned LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya and is the world’s largest collection of DC Comics-inspired LEGO artwork ever.

This exhibition truly is a must-see and only at the Powerhouse Museum for a limited season. Head to https://maas.museum/powerhouse-museum/ for more details!


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Catching up with Marlisa!

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Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 4.56.16 PM

Hey Girl Powerettes!

How’s this for a bit of girl power- Marlisa, The X Factor 2014 winner is back with a fun new single, just in time for summer! “Forever Young” is out now digitally and we had a quick chat with Marlisa to find out about it…

Hi Marlisa! What can you tell us about your new single “Forever Young”?
My new single “Forever Young” is a song about being forever young by being positive, enjoying and living life to the fullest and always striving to achieve your best!

What was the inspiration behind the single?
Team Marlisa and I wanted to release something new and upbeat which was different from my ballad style which still had an inspirational motto!

You’ve had lots of success since winning The X Factor! What’s been a standout moment for you on your journey as an artist so far?
Being nominated for my song “Stand By You” for Song of the Year.

You performed on The X Factor last week, what was the best part of returning to The X Factor stage to perform your own music?
The fact that I’m performing my new single, “Forever Young”, as a guest.

What is your favourite performance you did from last year’s season?

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not singing?
I love reading books, drawing and playing tennis.

Who are your style icons?
Selena Gomez and Zendaya

What are your three favourite beauty brands?
Rimmel, Mac and Inglot.

And you  favourite trends right now?
Cullotes wedges and colourful outfits.

What beauty items could we find in your handbag?
Eyeliner, mascara and lipgloss.

What one item could you not leave the house without?
My phone!


Nab your Taylor Swift Pop Queen special!

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Hey Girl Powerettes!

The countdown is on until Taylor Swift brings her 1989 World Tour to Australia! We are SUPER excited – so excited that we’ve released this special edition of Girl Power Pop Queen purely dedicated to Miss Swift! It’s 100% Tay with her journey to stardom, lowdown on her tour guests and squad, and tips for throwing your own Tay-inspired party. You can also test your level of Swiftieness with fun puzzles and quizzes, and decorate your world with plenty of pretty posters. If you are Taylor Swift fan, you won’t want to miss this mag. Grab it from Aussie newsagencies now!

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WIN the chance to be Keeper-For-A-Day at Featherdale Wildlife Park!

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Hey Girl Powerettes!

If you’ve ever wanted to get up close and hands-on with some of the cutest and most amazing creatures in Australia, this competition is for you! Just grab a copy of the latest issue #146 of Girl Power and head to the Travel feature on page 60 to read all about Featherdale Wildlife Park and our Q&A with bird keeper Kareena Heiler. Then answer the question and fill out the Comps Coupon at the back of the issue and you could be in the running to be Featherdale’s Keeper-For-A-Day!

Terms and Conditions:
1. Competition is open to Australian residents only.
2. The competition starts at 9am November 9, 2015 and entries close at 6pm January 10, 2016.
3. This is a game of skill and entrants must answer the question: “Why do you think you’d make a great animal keeper?” The most creative answers as judged by the editorial team will win.

4. One winner will receive the chance to be “Keeper-For-A-Day” at Featherdale Wildlife Park. Winner will:
* Be collected from your home and driven to the park (Pick-up will be limited to 40kms from Featherdale. Featherdale will not fund any additional travel costs NSW Permit Number LTPS/15/07123)
* Be supplied with your very own Featherdale Uniform
* Help the Keepers with their daily duties including feeding of Mammals, Reptiles and birds, as well as enclosure maintenance and enrichment to keep our collection happy and healthy
* Assist in feeding “”Ngukurr”, our 4.5 metre Saltwater Crocodile
* Go behind the scenes in our Reptile House and Nursery to meet our reptile collection and marsupial joeys
* Enjoy a lunch break with Head Keeper Chad and his Keeper team
* If the prize is taken during school hours; assist with an Education lesson in the learning burrow with our Education Officer, Louie.

5. The prize must be used within 3 months of when the winner is notified and can be any day of the week. Mid-week is preferential for greater involvement and interaction. A two week notice period prior to commencement is required for uniform arrangement.
6. Featherdale employees, their immediate families and any associated companies are ineligible to enter or win Keeper for a Day.
7. Parent/Guardian will be required to sign a Terms & Conditions waiver prior to the Keeper for a Day activities.
8. Keeper for a Day prize is not transferrable, exchangeable and cannot be sold.
9. The total prize is valued at $250.
10. Entries will be judged on January 11, 2016 at nextmedia Level 6, 207 Pacific Hwy, St Leonards NSW 2065.
11. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
12. The winner will be notified by phone.

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Rad Read!

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Alice Miranda in the Alps

Happy Friday Girl Powerettes!

Looking for something new to read? We’re loving Alice-Miranda in the Alps by Jacqueline Harvey. In her latest adventure, Alice-Miranda and her friends are off to the Swiss Alps for lots of snow fun. When family friend, the Baron, shows up unexpectedly at where Alice-Miranda and her friends are staying, and reveals that he’s having a bit of trouble, the girls don’t hesitate to head across the country to help him out. Can they figure out what is happening and who is behind it before the Baron loses everything he holds dear? You’ll have to grab the book to see – we even have a sneak peek in Issue 145!

Happy Reading, girls!

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The Children’s Festival of Moving Stories is back!

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Andy with writing journals
Hey Girl Powerettes!

If you love to read as much as we do, then you won’t want to miss the Children’s Festival of Moving Stories! It’s part of the Sydney’s Writer’s Festival and is happening from November 2-29 and will have free events for kids and schools across Greater Western Sydney. We’re SUPER excited because two of our fave kids authors are coming together for a special one-day only event…awesome Aussie author Andy Griffiths and Diary of a Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney!

On Sunday November 8, these amazing authors will be on stage together for two hours at City Recital Hall, where there’ll be sure to be lots of laughter, mayhem and of course, stories! It’s also Jeff’s first stop on a world tour after the release of his new book, so Sydney bookworms will be the first to see him! Head to www.cityrecitalhall.com to grab tickets. Also head to our Instagram because we’re giving a family pass away to the special event!

For more details about the Children’s Festival of Moving Stories and the cool events happening, check out www.swf.org.au/childrens-festival-of-moving-stories/.

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Nowhere Boys: The Book of Shadows First Look!

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Hey Girl Powerettes!

We’re so excited for the Nowhere Boys: The Book of Shadows movie. The trailer has dropped and it looks pretty epic – we’re totally digging that the girls have powers too! Get your first look here:

Nowhere Boys: The Book of Shadows will hit cinemas on January 1, 2016 and will air on ABC3 soon after. We’ll have goss from the cast in upcoming issues, so keep your eyes out!

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