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Kids’ WB are going all out for their 10th anniversary season! Hosts Shane Crawford and Lauren Phillips travelled to Los Angeles to represent Australia in the International Razor Crazy Cart Championships. They went up against Team USA and now you can catch their adventures exclusively on GO! from July 12-19!

Lauren and Shane also toured Hollywood Boulevard, visited Bugs Bunny’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and chatted to John DiMaggio aka the voice of Jake from Adventure Time. Grab a sneak peek here:

Kids’ WB takes the States from , July 12 at 7am on GO! Then weekdays 4pm-5pm and weekends 7am-11am!

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Colour My World: Anna Kendrick

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Hey Girl Powerettes!

You girls are SO talented and creative! We love, love, LOVE seeing all your entries for our Colour My World: Anna Kendrick competition! There were so many amazing entries, that this time we couldn’t pick a top three and had to go with our top four (which was still super tough!). Here they are:

By Alyssa

By Alyssa

By Kajel

By Kajel

By Samantha

By Samantha

By Toni

By Toni

And the winner is…Alyssa! We love that you added a real bow and used beads as earrings. Fabulous work! A mystery prize is on its way to you.

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Spread the Girl Power!

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Hey Girl Powerettes!

Here at GPHQ we’re all about supporting inspirational girls and celebrating their magnificent achievements. We love hearing their stories and sharing them with all of you! Today, we’d like you to meet Georgia Sheehan and share her story.

GeorgiaGeorgia is 16 years old and one of six kids. She is a talented springboard diver and on the Australian Open National Squad. She trains 28 hours a week and studies full time! Last year she even competed in the Commonwealth Games and was the youngest athlete on the Australian Commonwealth Games Team. Georgia also went to the Junior World’s in Russia and won three medals, including a gold! Super cool right?

Georgia’s dream is to be part of the Rio Olympic team next year, and would love YOUR help! She has made the finals of the Colonial First State Sports Boost, which is a competition that helps young athletes achieve their goals by giving them a financial boost. The competition runs until this Sunday, June 21st and is an online competition where the person with the most votes wins.

Georgia is the only female finalist, so it’s time to show a bit of Girl Power and show your support! All you have to do is go over to and vote for Georgia! Tell your friends too!


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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Trailer

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Are you ready Girl Powerettes? The first trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 is here!

If this trailer is anything to go by, you don’t want to mess with Katniss. After the Capitol brainwashed Peeta in Part 1, Katniss is not impressed and more than ready to face off against President Snow. This movie is going to be epic!

Take a look at the action for yourself:

What do you think of the trailer? What are you most excited to see in the flick?

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 hits cinemas November 19!

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Kids’ WB 30 Day Prize Giveaway

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Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 5.05.24 PM

Kids’ WB is celebrating its 10th year and want to give YOU presents instead! The guys are having a MASSIVE 30 Day Prize Giveaway from Monday, June 1 until Tuesday, June 30.

That’s right – every day during the month of June, hosts Lauren Phillips and Shane Crawford will raid the Kids’ WB Prize Vault and give heaps of  prizes away to Aussie kids! As you can see in the pic above, there’s A LOT in the vault!

If you want in, the only way to win is to watch Kids’ WB on GO! for your chance to snag some awesome goodies!


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Truman Girls 1.jpg

Hey Girl Powerettes!

Bring It On is one of our fave classic movies here at GPHQ, so we’re super excited to hear that BRING IT ON THE MUSICAL is heading our way! It’s premiering in Australia on June 27 and will play at NIDA Theatres in Kensington, NSW until July 9.

The musical follows heroine Campbell, who has always dreamed of becoming head cheerleader of the Truman High School squad. She finally achieves her dream, only to be moved to neighbouring school, Jackson High! This tough school doesn’t even have a cheerleading squad. Will Campbell find a way of achieving her goal of competing in the National Championships?

We had a chat to the lovely Alex Lewtas, who plays Campbell to find out all about this awesome musical…

Alex Lewtas 2Hi Alex! Tell us a bit about your character, Campbell. 
Campbell is a total optimist; she’s the All-American girl, who is made captain of the cheerleading squad, with big ambition and dreams ahead of her. No matter what challenges she is faced with, she always does so with a smile on her face and is always looking for a positive outlook on things. What I love the most about Campbell is her determination; she strives for perfection (a little like myself) in all she does, there are so many times in the show that she could be defeated, but she chooses not to give in, and continues to fight to work towards her goal.

There are quite a few Bring It On movies, does the musical follow any particular one? 
The Musical itself is a little different from the original movie, however is very similar to the third film Bring It On – All Or Nothing, starring Hayden Panettiere and Solange Knowles. There are similar references to each of the ‘Rival Schools’ and follows the lead character as she is forced to transfer and leave her old cheerleading squad.

What was the audition process like? Did you have to go through many rounds?
There was such a positive vibe surrounding the auditions, which is quite fitting considering the amount of ‘Cheer Spirit’ required for the show. As soon as we stepped into the door for our first dance audition, we were introduced to exactly what would be required for performances – strong, energetic dance and clean, sharp strength in the cheer stunts and lifts. After we danced, and completed a few cheerleading lifts with the guidance of our Cheer choreographer, Melissa Mackenzie, we were then required to sing. Callbacks were fun, I was originally called back to sing/read for the role of ‘Bridget’. However, when I had finished my audition for the quirky character, the creative team asked if I could return an hour later and perform Campbell’s solo ballad. So I grabbed the sheet music and my iPod and worked on the song in the car park outside until it was my turn to go back and audition again, this time for the lead role.

What’s preparation been like in the lead up to performances? Did you have to go to a special boot camp or have lessons?
The show is very physically and vocally demanding, and the training in preparation has been at an elite level. We have spent many rehearsals at ‘Sydney Altitude’ being whipped into shape, as it is crucial that the cast maintain strong stamina and fitness to dance, sing and throw each other into the air all at the same time. Whilst as a dancer, I consider myself quite a fit person – this show requires even more stamina and strength than ever before, most rehearsals include a High Intensity Boot-Camp style warm-up to ensure our show fitness is at it’s best! We have been working hard progressing from beginner level to professional cheerleaders by opening night, in such a short period of time!

Wow! What’s your favourite number to perform?
My favourite number to perform would have to be ‘Bring It On’ at the End of Act 1. This is the moment where Campbell decides to get revenge on her rival Eva, by assembling a squad at Jackson High School and to beat her old squad at Nationals. This number is all about Campbell’s determination, fueled by her outrage of the challenges that have been thrown her way and her dreams being crushed by Eva, this is Campbell’s big moment to come back stronger than ever!

How are you feeling in the lead up to the show? Excited? Nervous?
I am bubbling with excitement to be a part of this show. It is the most incredible opportunity to be in the Australian Premiere, surrounded by an extremely talented cast. Whilst the excitement is always there – the nerves are definitely kicking in!

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 11.33.10 AM

Do you have any pre-show rituals or superstitions?
I drink a LOT of water, green tea and more water before going on stage! I like to take a bit of a relaxed walk around the stage to get a feel for the space that I will be performing in, have a nice big stretch and warm-up to feel really comfortable in my body. We have such a supportive cast & team, and I have made some wonderful friends who I can’t wait to share a few last-minute good luck hugs with before the show begins, and create our own rituals together.

What’s up next for you?
I am currently choreographing Keating! with Birdie Productions, which opens just a week after we close Bring It On! After that, I will be continuing my training and auditioning for whatever opportunities come my way, I am excited for what the future holds – whatever that may be!

For more details about the musical, or to buy tickets, head to:!


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Colour My World: Ed Sheeran

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Happy Monday girls!

Kickstart your week with these bright and wonderful artworks by awesome Girl Powerettes who entered our Colour My World: Ed Sheeran. competition! We loved looking at all your entries and it took us ages to choose our top three entries of the talented musician. Here they are:

By Tatjana

By Tatjana

By Alicia

By Alicia

By Chloe

And the winner is…Alicia! Great work! A mystery prize will be on its way to you soon.

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Terrific Teachers

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Hey Girl Powerettes!

Do you have a teacher that is super amazing and inspiring? Is there a teacher that has taken the time to help you understand things or helped you through challenges? Here’s the perfect way to show your appreciation for them – nominate them for the OfficeMax A Day Made Better programme!

A Day Made Better is on a quest to find Australia’s 10 most inspirational teachers and for the first time, they’ve opened up nominations to high school teachers too! The winning teachers not only get a cool award, but also receive some pretty cool prizes for their school, including a tablet for the classroom. Hurry, because nominations are open until May 29!

Head to for more information or to nominate a teacher!


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Colour My World: Rowan Blanchard

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Hey Girl Powerettes!

You guys are so talented! We loved getting all your fabulous entries for Colour My World: Rowan Blanchard. It was a tough choice, but here are our top three pics of the Girl Meets World star:

By Alani

By Indiana

By Tepi

And the winner is… TEPI! Fantastic work!  You can expect a mystery prize coming to you soon!

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Colour My World: Meghan Trainor

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Hey Girl Powerettes! Anyone still obsessed with ‘All About That Bass’?! Well at GPHQ, we’re still pumping Meghan Trainor’s big hit! In this Colour My World, you guys sent in AMAZING pieces of the Brit songstress and we’re super excited to share our top three…

By Michala

By Rebecca

By Sienna

And the winner is… REBECCA! You are a talented artist, so keep up the great work! You can expect a mystery prize coming to you soon!



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